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Tree Care

tree training
We specialize in training young trees and pruning for structure. If trees are pruned correctly when young, they become resistant to storm damage and decay. We also provide pruning and cabling of larger trees.
new installed
We install hundreds of trees every year. Every tree is installed according to I.S.A. standards. If the top 1/3 of the wire and burlap is not removed and the root flare is not visible after installation, your tree was NOT properly installed. The detrimental affects are often not visible until years later.
birch tree leaves
Pest Control
We employ 4 licensed pesticide technicians. We intervene with chemicals when it is the only option. Many times problems are cultural and can be remedied in other ways.
tree planted wrong
Tree Health and Recovery
Here is an example of an improperly planted tree. The trunk of the tree was buried bellow the ground, this can cause rotting and destabilize the tree as well as stunt its overall health. Trees that have been improperly planted should be replanted as soon as possible.
lifting out a root ball
In the event a tree must be removed, we have the experience to handle most. If a removal is beyond the scope of our capabilities, rest assured competent subcontractors will be employed. Once the tree is gone our stump removal equipment can fit into the tightest of spaces.
air spading around roots for walkway
Air Spading
  • Aerates and alleviates compacted soils
  • Provides for vertical mulching to incorporate beneficial soil amendments
  • Exposes root collar
  • Facilitates removal of girdling roots
  • Improves overall tree health